Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another beautiful day & some fab layouts!

Hello there!

It's looking like it's going to be another beautiful day today.  I love summer, I'm a warm weather person, I love to go outside & not worry about getting cold - I love the the daylight savings extended light hours that make me feel I have more hours in my day! lol!  Mind you - I love winter too, as long as I'm warm.. lol!  My son is a very active young man - seriously, he never stops. He enjoys the warm because he can get outside earlier & play longer.  This summer so far has been interesting, I love & respect Mother Nature  very much and I am constantly amazed by her diversity in weather on a daily basis! :)  Here in our little corner of Australia we have had very high temp days & last week I put the heater on for 3 days! Eh! I was told it had snowed on our nearby snow mountain! Amazing! I hope that the weather is wonderful where ever you are! :) 

Anyway.. here are some beautiful layouts from Annette, using Phloxy's Christmas! 

Have a superb thursday everyone!

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