Friday, May 27, 2011

New in store now - "Happy"

Well here it is! Happy! Yay! I'm pretty stoked it's finally there at Nuts4Digi! Thankyou to Debbie who helped with the "getting it there" process.. Much appreciated. Also I have to mention Lou from LouCee Creations who has been incredible, answering all my dumb questions & helping me with some technical stuff! lol! Also, Phloxy (the dragon) comes from her wonderful & one of my favourite kits "My Fairytale". So Thankyou so much Lou - I really appreciate all your time & help! : )  You are wonderful! 

well here it is...

All layouts done with Happy.. 


  1. Fabulous looking kit. A great start to your blog too

  2. aaah, you are most welcome, I wish you the very very best in your new venture xx


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